Efficient, smooth customs clearance for export and import shipments

ETS & Scan Global Logistics GmbH is your neutral partner for all questions relating to customs clearance.

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Customs clearance

For all modes of transport (ship, train, plane, truck), as well as for all customs procedures (import and export).


Professional customs and logistics advice, regardless of whether a customs or transport order is involved.


We train your employees, in person or online, also in-house, including comprehensive support.

From processing to
customs expertise - we
take care of it.

Convince yourself of the services of ETS & Scan Global Logistics GmbH in the customs sector. We have the technical expertise and operational know-how to assist you with all customs issues in import and export. With clearly defined services, we take care of all customs matters that arise in your company.

We are also more than just a customs service provider: with our success-oriented advice and convincing training courses, you can build up long-term customs expertise in-house.

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How we can help you

Compiling all the necessary customs documents and communicating with the authorities is time-consuming and complicated. Take a look at our short explanatory video and see the benefits of our services for yourself: Sit back and relax - we'll do it for you!


We take care of customs processes that comply with regulations and the law.


We know the import and export procedures of the customs authorities and speak their language.


We check and optimize your customs procedures so that you can exploit the best possible savings potential.

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Our services at a glance

We take on all customs-related tasks for other companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Benefit from more than 20 years of experience in customs clearance.

Customs clearance

We take care of customs clearance for your imports and exports as well as for special customs procedures.

We use the ATLAS IT procedure to communicate directly and electronically with the customs authorities.

Classification of goods

Do you have a product and don't know which commodity code it belongs to? We'll find the solution!

Special procedures

Are your imports or exports somewhat special? No problem - just get in touch with us.

Document management

Don't know which documents you need? We will be happy to help you.

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As a neutral partner and intermediary in the customs sector, we only consider your interests.


We support you in building up internal customs expertise in-house. We are also happy to optimize your existing processes.


Receive valuable tips and information to optimize your customs processes.


Benefit from our knowledge and experience to introduce stable processes at your company.


We support you in applying for permits so that you can benefit from concessions.


Qualify your employees with solid further training in customs and foreign trade.

Our customs training courses provide you with a valuable overview of customs and foreign trade law, including numerous practical tips.


Our training courses are always tailor-made - we do not offer "off-the-peg" training.


You receive all training documents for unlimited internal use.


Our qualified customs experts can carry out all customs-related work with legal certainty.

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The procedure

Would you like to have your customs clearance professionally handled by ETS? This is possible in six simple steps. We will show you how the process works.

Contact us

You contact us and send us your waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists and other documents.

Offer & order placement

We will make you a binding offer at a fixed price based on the complete documentation provided.

Document review

We check your documents for plausibility and completeness and request any missing documents from you.

Customs application

With the help of the electronic ATLAS system, we transmit all relevant information from your documents to customs.


After a positive check by the customs authorities, the goods are released for the customs procedure applied for.

Frequently asked questions

We are happy to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

  • For which companies is ETS customs consulting suitable?

    Our customs advice is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as start-ups, freelancers and small businesses.

  • What can my company achieve with ETS customs consulting?

    Our customs consultancy helps you to optimize your processes and thus save time and money as well as expand your knowledge in order to carry out your imports and exports properly.

  • What formalities can ETS help with?

    Building up formalities expertise in-house is very easy with our help. We will show you how you can meet the formal requirements for successful customs clearance yourself in the future:

    • Support with AEO certification
    • Reviewing and applying for authorizations in accordance with the UCC
    • Support during customs audits
    • Classification of your goods in the customs tariff
  • Why should I run all my customs processes via ETS?

    With ETS, you have a service provider who keeps an eye on all your customs processes. You no longer need to search for who you have commissioned with a specific order. You can turn to ETS with confidence at any time for all matters.

  • My company only exports, so why do I still need a customs permit?

    Despite the elimination of general export duties, as an exporting company you can save a lot of working time and therefore money by obtaining a customs authorization thanks to accelerated export.

  • Who are the ETS customs training courses suitable for?

    The customs training courses are aimed at people with previous knowledge of customs as well as absolute newcomers who have never dealt with customs issues before. As we create each training course individually for our customers, we can pick up your employees at any existing level of knowledge and build on this to provide further training.

  • Where do the training courses take place?

    You can receive our customs training courses as a pure face-to-face event at your or our premises, as a pure online training course or as a hybrid event with a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching. Please note that our company is based in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. For face-to-face events more than 50 km away, travel and accommodation costs will vary depending on the distance.

  • Can I take documents from the training courses with me?

    Yes, you will receive all training documents and possible video recordings after the training for unlimited internal use.

  • Is there a dress code for the training courses?

    No, we have no "dress code" for our training courses. Simply dress as you feel comfortable. Because only those who feel comfortable are receptive.

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Originally founded in 2002 as ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH, ETS has been operating under the name "ETS & Scan Global Logistics GmbH" since the merger with Scan Global Logistics in 2023. ETS was founded in Bremen in 2002 to offer small and medium-sized companies efficient transport solutions.

We stand for short paths and quick decisions that we make on an equal footing with our customers and partners. For us, this also includes personal and direct communication with a dedicated contact person - without cumbersome ticket systems.

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